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Don’t imitate, innovate! This is the essence of a successful marketing team, and Waymore’s Chatbot solutions, with their advanced marketing automation features, can make it happen.
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A Robust Solution For Your Marketing Strategy

WayMore’s Chatbot solutions, powered by rules, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, provide your marketing team with more than just a digital communication assistant. They are ideal to automate repetitive marketing tasks reducing the workload on the marketing team. You can deploy a WayMore Chatbot solution to handle trivial FAQs, general incoming inquiries, interact in a personalized manner with niche groups, nurture leads, increase lead generation, improve your customer service overall, and so on. In essence, WayMore’s Chatbot solutions enable your marketing team to grow its brands without being hindered by limited resources when faced with increased incoming inquiries by customers and target groups.

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"Yes Definitely, Would You Like To Book An Appointment?"

-WayMore’s Predefined Chatbot in action! Qualifying leads to book appointments for your business

What’s In It For Your Marketing Team?

With an impressive 56% of people who would rather message than call customer service and an estimation of 85% of customer interactions to be handled without a human in a few years, according to Gartner, chatbots are here to stay. Deploying a WayMore Chatbot solution for your brands as a marketing team or as a marketing consulting agency enables you to capitalize on conversational marketing strategies and move buyers through sales funnels using the advantages of real-time conversations. WayMore’s Chatbot solutions grant you access to comprehensive reporting, in-depth analytics, as well as the ability to monitor valuable metrics and KPIs of the chatbot’s interaction with your audience. The robust and user-friendly analytics dashboard enables your marketing team to make valuable decisions about optimizing your chatbot marketing campaigns.

Brand Identity

Benefits For Your Marketing Team

Waymore’s Chatbot solutions are the optimal tools for your marketing team or marketing consulting agency to create the ultimate customer experience. Build meaningful interactions between the brands you manage and their audiences in a revolutionary way that comprises a wealth of benefits.

Elevate Customer Experience

Chatbots provide a personalized experience and are available 24/7, 365 days a year

Increase Customer Engagement

Chatbots instantly analyze inquiries, deliver one-on-one and real-time responses to users

Optimize Lead Generation

Inbound marketing at its best, including qualification and nurturing of leads


Chatbots can help your marketing team save up big time on marketing costs

Global market approach

Chatbots are language agnostic, your brands can reach out to any market worldwide

Empowered Brand Identity

Chatbots enable your brands to keep up with current technological trends

Use Cases For All Types Of Businesses

Waymore’s Chatbot Solutions provide sophisticated and effective ways to all businesses that wish to instantly offer optimized customer communication to their existing clients regardless of their size or industry. Any business can directly build its scalability by simultaneously handling the growing amount of communication, boosting its performance and its inbound marketing strategy.

WayMore’s Chatbot Solutions Are Ideal For

Companies, regardless of size or industry, that wish to move their business forward, marketing teams of large corporations that want to optimize their marketing strategies, and developers who are in search of technologically advanced tools and embrace innovative solutions.

Business Owners

Regardless of size or industry, you can move your business forward and exceed your expectations with one of WayMore’s Chatbot solutions, customize it to meet your needs, and enjoy an increase in your ROI.

Marketing Teams

Optimize your marketing strategy with one of WayMore’s Chatbot solutions. A plethora of valuable metrics and real-time reports are at your disposal to take your marketing communication to the next level.

Web Ninjas

Developers can harness the advanced tools incorporated in WayMore’s Chatbot solutions, capitalize on the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning methodologies applied, and build innovative products.

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