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The simple and effective way for optimized customer service​

WayMore’s Predefined Chatbot is the fastest and easiest way to instantly power up your customers’ experience. Generate limitless responses to any questions your audience may have. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Input questions and answers and let the communication begin!

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Menus, guides, operating hours


Weather, product availability, flash news


Order food, make a purchase, pay a bill

Live Agent

Need complex data? Let a live rep take over
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Optimize Your Communication With Your Audience

The ideal solution for your day-to-day and routine communication.

Automate Your Conversations with WayMore's Predefined Chatbot

Enable your business to automate and enrich a conversation with one of your end-users, making it sound more natural and engaging. You can converse with all your users in any language thanks to WayMore’s Predefined Chatbot multilingual capabilities. Regardless of the communication channel that you wish to deploy our Predefined Chatbot solution, you directly have access to a unified chat board that empowers you to switch from chatbot to human live chat with one of your representatives at any given point of a conversation.

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Predefined Chatbot Features

Simplicity in excellence. WayMore’s Predefined Chatbot is a sophisticated solution, simple in conception and user-friendly in deployment with many practical features.

Smart Flow Builder

Drag-and-drop visual elements to easily map and create the route of the predefined answers and set automated actions where necessary.

Knowledge Base

Easy streamlining of the chatbot's interactions to efficiently handle Q&A scenarios, conduct guided conversations, and perform actions.

Proactive Triggers

Automatic activation of messages that are triggered by the users' interaction and activity on your company's website or application.

Unified Chat Board

An intuitive workspace with live agent functionality that brings together all of your chatbot deployments from any communication channel.

Use cases for all types of businesses

Waymore’s Chatbot Solutions provide sophisticated and effective ways to all businesses that wish to instantly offer optimized customer communication to their existing clients regardless of their size or industry. Any business can directly build its scalability by simultaneously handling the growing amount of communication, boosting its performance and its inbound marketing strategy.

"Would You Like To Go Through Our Daily Menu While You Wait?"

- Example of a chatbot application on a restaurant premise.

Some Chatbot Inspiration On The House!

Now that you have familiarized yourself with what a WayMore Predefined Chatbot is and what it comprises, check out the following ideas to get some inspiration on how you can integrate it into your overall marketing strategy. The WayMore Chatbot solutions are a pot of gold for your business!

Answer FAQs

Set a chatbot to do the standard work of answering routine questions about your products or services and free up time from your human resources. It is a win-win for both your business and your audience.

Personalize The User Experience

Set up quizzes to find out what your users' preferences are. Then turn that data into a personalized experience for your audience segments, such as a customized news feed based on their preferences.

Initiate conversations

Set up a chatbot to reach out to the users as soon as they land on your website/app and recreate the human welcoming experience by sending a personalized greeting to every person who lands on your page.

Messaging platform integration

Create polls, analyze statistics, send emails, assign tasks, schedule meetings, set reminders for important events, and so much more. Brainstorm with your business departments and check their needs.

Gather Primary Information From Leads

Employ a chatbot to gather your users' contact details, instead of sending them impersonal forms to fill in. Humanize your automated communication to offer the ultimate customer experience at all levels of your business.

Qualify Leads

Discover where your audience is in the sales funnel of your eCommerce business and set your chatbot triggers and actions to suggest the right product or service that will convert them to paying customers.

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