WayMore’s Chatbot solutions apply across all industries and business functions, such as retail, banking & finance, airlines, telecommunications, hospitality, etc., for customer service, sales, marketing, or even for internal communications, and so on. Here are some indicative use cases.


Automate common queries, such as handling passenger requests, delivering flight and boarding pass information, informing about arrivals and departures, to save big on human resources, and eliminate the need for a live call center.
Supreme Customer Experience
Personalized Customer Service
airline chatbot use case
Thank you for choosing XYZ Airlines for your next trip. Here is your Boarding Pass for your Flight No. XYZ778. Enjoy your flight...

- An example scenario of a chatbot sending a boarding pass to an airline customer following a flight booking confirmation.​​

chatbot for telecom
Here’s your monthly mobile bill. Would you like to make a payment now? Please select one of the following answers: Yes, No, I Have a Question about my bill...

- An example scenario of a chatbot sending a mobile telephone bill to a subscriber through the mobile network operator's Viber account.​​


Use a chatbot AI to provide telecom customers the convenience of checking their bill, making a payment, recharging or changing their plan, or changing numbers, through the chatbot. Additionally, chatbots serve any customer queries related to the telecommunication service provider.

Customer Service
routine tasks

Retail Business

Integrate a chatbot with the messenger of a retail company to act as a digital concierge that enables users to browse products, book appointments, drive brick-and-mortar sales by showing the stores where products are available based on a user’s location, even try makeup on using augmented reality.

Customer Service
Higher Customer Engagement
retail bots
Would you like to see our new fashionable collection? Just let me know what you are looking for, tops or bottoms? I can walk you through our shop

- An example of a chatbot concierge assisting a customer go through the shop’s website.

hotel chatbot
Certainly, I Have Setup A Wake Up Call At Your Room For 8:30 am Tomorrow

- An example scenario of a chatbot taking care of a wake-up call request from a hotel room guest.


Send booking or cancellation confirmation to hotel guests, personalize check-in and check-out processes, or handle room service orders at unusual hours. Deploy a chatbot on a takeaway’s messenger and allow users to directly customize and order their food, save and/or repeat orders. This way users save on native app downloads and sign-ups.

Brand Identity
Customer Experience

Banking & Finance

A chatbot AI deployed in a bank can cater to the bank’s customers’ needs by providing account-related information, personalized offers on banking products, and even help customers get an update on their checkbook.
routine tasks
Customer Service
conversational ai in banking
Here’s the link to your bank statement for the requested period: Let me know if I can assist you with anything further

- An example scenario of a chatbot sending a bank account statement via Viber to a bank customer who requested a report of his transactions for a specified period.​​

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